Elly Lily

Tuesday, October 17

Your Power - a short poem

"If a tree falls in a forest, and there is nobody around, did it even make a sound?"

When someone chooses to get up after falling down but there is no storyteller to tell the tale, did it even really happen?

It does not make your story more real if you tell it afterword
it does not make you a liar if you choose not to share.

Your past is your past
and the realness lasts in you
You hold the power of your possessions
of your stories, of your actions, of your words

Use your experiences to ignite a fire in you that burns away the suffering
Make your voice heard, it is a lot more then nothing

You hold the power to change the world with your word
to change minds and make lives better
and the first person you hold the power to help is you.

Tuesday, October 3

Like Old Times ; A journaling of my past and current loves

It is now October, the month of crunchy leaves, Halloween, and all things autumn.
The start of a new month comes the end of another, these past few months I have been...


- Last August I had the wonderful experience of modeling for four local artists at a beautiful art studio called "East Oaks Studio" I posed for sessions of 20 minutes for two days, by the end the artists had created four beautiful paintings.
It was unlike anything I have ever done and it was so much fun seeing how each portrait turned out!

Tuesday, September 26

What does a flag mean?

What does a flag mean?
in the face of hatred and oppression, what does the representing image mean of a place that still has far to go?

The fabric that spreads across the country still has missing patches that forget some spaces.
The founding of our nation the first symbol of a new revelation cannot stay acting as the first and must rise up to become the second and the third and must evolve to accompany everyone who accompanies the idea of it.

Tuesday, September 19

they are singing - a poem

they sing
the people of the movement
they sing

the feminine denied of power because of the femininity
they sing
the rainbow of colors denied of showing their love for one another
they sing
the souls hidden from view because they are treated as dangerous storms by the real dangerous storms
they sing
the mistaken enemy that the enemy has made, who only wants peace and to not have to feel afraid they sing

Tuesday, September 5

what if? - a poem

what ifs roll through my brain
chasing ideas on roller skates
I can't catch them, they go down the drain.

what if love could be as passionate and spontaneous as a teenage dream
a fantasy
a book that has a happy ending
but not just a happy ending but our happy ending
but take out the ending
and what if it could just be our happiness
our love
what if love was just love
water in a glass
with no glass
just water
and the water becomes the air